Chiama OraPreventivo

The sea view restaurant of the Viamare Hotel is the place where traditions and reinterpretation meet and become reality

From the first light of dawn, the aroma of coffee blends with the sweet scent of our cakes, pies and croissants.
Then, at lunchtime, it gives way to the intense aroma of grilled meat and fish, sauces, dips, dips and desserts
Tradition, familiarity and taste at the table: the mantra of our sea view restaurant.

Positioned as it is in the land of Romagna, it offers not only local specialties, with traditional dishes, but also different regional specialties. Directly on the sea, you can enjoy special dinners watching the sunset

Is in the kitchen..

Our Chef, together with his staff, offers a 3-course menu, one of which is always based on fish, from which you can choose every day, all equally united by passion, good taste and top quality ingredients. Homemade pasta, Romagna specialties and more!

Particular attention is paid to customers who report certain diets or intolerances, for which we will be happy to offer a menu designed specifically for them. The baby menu is also available, reserved for children from weaning to “grown-up” nutrition.

A real awakening of the senses!

Enjoy breakfast overlooking the sea. Imagine waking up sipping a good coffee and enjoying such a scenario. Hearing, with the sweet background of light music. The sense of smell, with the aroma of “good things” that will invest you from the moment you enter the room.

Touch, when you touch the Chef’s pastry delights with your hand. And, last but not least, the taste. Take some time and savor exquisite homemade cakes and pies, fragrant filled croissants and freshly baked bread. Taste our eggs, our selection of cheeses and cured meats, our savory pies, finish with fresh fruit and a cup of espresso, all served at the table by our staff always with a smile on their face. You are now ready for a relaxing day on the beach!

There is no a good morning at the Hotel Viamare that does not bring with in the perfume of Pascucci Espresso.

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